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Welcome to i-FEEL GOOD. Browse our menu of wellness treatments in Rimini: ayurveda treatments, massages, aesthetic and holistic treatments which characterize the offer of the wellness proposals of i-FEEL GOOD, the exclusive 5-star of i-Suite.
Check out our proposals, compare list prices and the length of each treatment: the relaxing or body treatments provided are numerous and exclusive, designed for all who always seek to give you moments of pure wellness.
menu of treatments

Cosmetics Brands

The Ayurveda’s wisdom come into the occidental esthetic with a wide choise of body products of spectacular effectiveness. “Lakshmi” has created a certificated Bio-Ecological Cosmetics (ICEA e AIAB) which thanks to the beneficial proprieties of mother nature and nothing else offers a wide range of high quality treatments.

Alchimia Natura
Salt is a natural product with millenarian healthy proprieties. We are proud to present you the Born in the heart of Modena “Alchimia Natura”, a company dedicated to using ethical farming and production methods; transforming organic plant materials and forest fruits into natural, organic and ecological products.

AYURVEDA treatments

Ayurveda Massage: Vata – Pitta – Kapha
A massage with oil or ghee (clarified, unsalted butter) herbs or essential oils. It makes the skin brighter, clearer and improves muscle and joint flexibility. It combats the fatigue and helps to maintain a young appearance.
Duration 60 min€ 75.00

Muri Massage:
A synergy of manual manipulations aimed at postural reintegration, particularly indicated for the treatment of cramps cervical and articulations stiffness.
Duration 60 min€ 85.00
Duration 30 min – Only superior part of body€ 60.00

Pinda Sveda Massage:
This Treatment is recommended in the cooler moths. A massage with warm oil and Pinda (small sack filled with heated herbs) to relax muscles, articulations and cervical disc tensions.
Duration 50 min€ 70.00

“Hukka” Stone Treatment
This Treatment is recommended in the cooler moths. The Hukka stone come from Karilia, in Finland. The massage made with this particular stone increases the transpiration of the skin and facilitates the elimination of toxin. Furthermore it is very helpful to reduce stress, tension, muscles aches, rheumatism and insomnia. The stone is heated and used to massage the body with essential oils. It is a first-rate Hot Stone Massage.
Duration 60 min€ 70.00

Udvartana Massage:
A dry massage with a mixture of grounds, dry herbs such as: curcuma, Asiatic Centella and zenzero. It facilitates the elimination of accumulated toxins while it improves the bloodstream and reactivate the metabolism
Duration 60 min€ 75.00

Treatment that unites the Abhyangan massage with others handling like a hot bath with essential oils over the abdominal part, indicated for problems of over-tension, anxiety, ulcer and heartburn.
Duration 15/20 min€ 20.00

Treatment that unites the Ayurveda massage with others handling like a hot bath of essential oils over the vertebral spine, indicated for articulation’s aches , lumbar and sacral region. It helps to calm state of nervousness.
Duration 10/15 min€ 20.00

Treatment that unites the Ayurveda massage with others handling like a hot bath with essential oils over the forehead, indicated for headaches, tiredness and general relax.
Duration 10/15 min€ 15.00

Classical Treatments

Candle massage
Candles are melted until they form pure warm oil which is drizzled and then gently massaged over the body. Ideal for the colder month’s this treatment will leave your skin feeling toned, nourished and rejuvenated.
Duration 50 min€ 70.00

Lymphatic Bio Energetic:
Exclusively dedicated to overall lymphatic system, starting with the nerve centre with delicate manual movements . First-rate body drainer.
Duration 60 min€ 75.00

Mother to be Massage
This relaxing massage is specifi cally designed to relieve pregnancy related leg and back pain. This treatment is only recommended from 4th to 8th month of pregnancy
Duration 40 min€ 60.00

Baby and Boy massage: from 0 to 16 years old
This learning massage for your babe with pure sesame’s oil will relief and enforce his articulation. Strokes and smooth movements to play and give love.
Duration 30 min€ 55.00

Massaggio Relax
Soft Massage with hot medical oil for this classic treatment of very relax.
Duration 50 min€ 67.00
Duration 30 min Only superior part of body€ 50.00

Yellow Gold Treatment - Argan:
Another precious oil from Morocco which it is extract from a almond of the Argan’ tree. It is rich of acid essential fat, among which the Linoleic acid ( Omega 6), that enforce the cutaneous barrier and eliminate the dryness. It is a first-rate antioxidant for all the body’s articulations. A delicate massage to make you try a unique sense of pleasure with the result of a smooth and relax skin.
Duration 50 min€ 95.00
Duration 30 min€ 70.00

Ayurveda Esthetic Treatments

Garshan: Detox & Dren
A Osmotic Clay enriched with active proprieties of Oregano, Orange and Ginger. In a simple way it combats the imperfections caused by the hydro retention, bad circulation and helps to eliminate the toxins.
Duration 60 min€ 75.00
Duration 90 min with Swedana (Steam bath)€ 90.00

Garshan Tonic: Water and Fire
Salt Scrub and a Osmotic Clay Massage for the imperfections of cellulite formed in middle age.
Duration 50 min€ 75.00
Duration 70 min with saline Scrub€ 90.00

Garshan Slim: The fire inside
An handling for eliminating of the located fat, this lipolytic treatment ,thanks to the propriety of the Gelidium Seaweed and Cinnamon, stimulates the body and gives pleasant sensations. It is a first-rate treatment to take some centimeter off and reduce your size.
Duration 60 min€ 75.00

Crio Gamathi: Veins & Dren
A range of body products that tones up the venous system and the lynfatic system thanks to the essential oils of the mint, cypress and rosemary. It is indicated for heavy and swollen legs and cases of insufficient circulation of the venous system.
Duration 45 min€ 65.00

Swedana: Steam bath
Treatment that unites all the types of massage and some Weight-loss treatment of the list . Increases the effectiveness of 100%. It’s a steam bath in the bed with the head out of the steam. Special Treatment of ancient Ayurveda philosophy.
Duration 15/20 min€ 20.00

Intense and rapid treatment for abdomen. Great for improving constipation due to various properties of the use of essential oils. Beauty flow of abdomen and waist will fade visibly in a few sessions and will be appear more flat and shaped.
Duration 40 min€ 65.00

A proper treatment for yours feet which might be tired, swollen and with aches.
Duration 45 min€ 55.00

Scrub KAYA:
It is an epidermal exfoliation delicate but incisive to remove the skin’s impurity. It makes your skin smooth like silk thanks to the antioxidant and vitamins of the papaya, lavender, lemon and Palmarosa.
Duration 40 min€ 50.00

Pink salt HIMALAYAN Body Scrub
This treatment uses a blend of Himalayan pink salt, organic butter, sweet almond and grape seed oil, vitamin E and sweet orange; to exfoliate, detoxify and improve the elasticity of the skin.
Duration 40 min€ 50.00

The ubatan is an Ayurvedic treatment and is rigorously rubbing the skin compositions of plant powder mixed with vegetable oils and meals, this is a wonderful way to cleanse the skin without breaking the veil of the natural body.
The results of this treatment are striking both for gloss, smoothness and healthy skin is the purpose of energy throughout the body.
Duration 45 min€ 60.00

Treatment of face cleanness: for skin Vata-Pitta-Kapha
A combination of face and head massages, with personalized products with essential oils. This treatment makes your skin shinning and balance the cutaneous hydration.
Duration 60 min€ 70.00
Duration 60 min with specific eye and crystal massage treatment€ 85.00

Facial skin care with ultrasound
Facial cleaning with ultrasound synergistically enhanced by the use of a line of essential oils and gems to give luster and freshness to the skin, avoiding traumatic and painful treatments.
Duration 60 min€ 100.00

Face treatment ANTI-AGE DIVINE:
Recommended for any kind of skin that needs particularly care and efficacious antioxidant. Rich of substances which stimulate the metabolic cells activity and contain gem particle of coral, topaz, opal , diamond, emerald and gold. This treatment will refresh all your face with a bust of oxygen.
Duration 60 min€ 90.00
Duration 75 min with specific eyes treatments and crystal massage€ 120.00

Holistic Treatments

Flower Massage:
Using the knowledge of Bach about flowers it has been rediscovered the benefic importance of the external application of vegetal oil.
Duration 50 min€ 70.00

Reiki treatment:
is a system of “natural healing” to restore the original and eternal harmony between the energy of the universe and the individual. The purpose of Reiki is to stimulate a state of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual welfare for each person.
Duration 60 min€ 70.00

This natural form of healing places crystals, precious stones and oils on the body’s chakra points to rebalance, relax and harmonize the mind, body and spirit.
Duration 50 min€ 70.00

It could not be missing the classical Shiatsu massage which from the ancient Japanese Philosophy. It is a delicate massage for stimulating the energy channel to flow in its own natural process giving to our body total rebalance and serenity.
Duration 60 min€ 70.00

Thai massage
Originally developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand. Thai massage is deeper than shiatsu using passive stretching and pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase fl exibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy system.
Duration 60 min€ 70.00

“Sitting at the feet of a person is an act of humility and love”
Pressure of specific reflex points of the foot that have correspondences in all parts of the body.
The purpose of the massage is to bring the body into a state of balance and harmony.
Duration 40 min€ 60.00
Duration 40 min including the use of cystal and Thai wodden sticks€ 65.00

Emotional Therapy
Using warm oil and clay rich in natural properties this massage is designed to meet your personal needs. It truly is an emotional experience aiming to rebalance mind, body and spirit. This treatment can only be booked following a previous Ayurveda massage and consultation with your Ayurvedic therapist; who will decide which of the massages most meets you needs.
Milk Massage | Rejuvenatig Massage | Red Wine Massage | Coconut Massage | After Eight Massage | Light & Sensitive Massage | Honey Massage | Depur Massage | Coffé Massage
Duration 60 min€ 90.00

Esthetic Treatments

Manicure estetico:€ 30.00
Pedicure estetico:€ 35.00
Manicure e Pedicure estetico:€ 60.00
Manicure e Smalto semi permanente€ 35.00
Pedicure e Smalto semi permanente€ 45.00
Legs + Inguinal€ 38.00
Legs€ 23.00
Half Legs€ 18.00
Total groin€ 25.00
Partial groin€ 15.00
Eyebrows /Moustache€ 10.00
Eyebrows + Moustache€ 15.00
Armpits€ 10.00
Back€ 20.00
Arms€ 15.00
Chest€ 25.00
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