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Chef menu

Dinner menu
... traditional ...

Steamed fillet of cod fish on leeks cream, saffron,
crispy chickpeas, cardoons and cress

Pappardelle with cuttlefish, glasswort and dried tomatoes
Fried Fish with sweet-and-sour and mixed sesame seeds
¡In zir per la Rumagna!
selection of local desserts
For at least 2 people
euro 52
per person
all Adriatic fishes

Selection of Pelagic fishes raw and cooked in different ways
sardine, tuna, swordfish, mackerel, anchovies
Toasted wheat Orecchiette with sardines, anchovies
chicory, raisin and mullet roe
Fillet of yellow-fin Tuna with balsamic vinegar,
red chicory and potatoes cooked in ash
Ash tree syrup, pistachios, almonds, dark chocolate and lemon
For at least two people
euro 55,00
per person
all raw

Sashimi of Adriatic Fish with its combinations...
Molluscs and Crustaceans and their sauces
Spaghetti Verrigni with red prawns tartare,
galangal root, tomato powder
Shabu Shabu of Seabass served with its consommé,
soft horseradish, small vegetables and herbs
Squacquerone parfait, black cherry,
caramel crumble and spicy peppers
For at least two people
euro 65,00
per person

Amberjack Tartare raw and cooked
with Pecan nuts, carrots, finger lime and cress
Roasted Scallops, parsnip, celery, black truffle and Valinch & Mallet whisky
Risotto with white Italian sturgeon, Calvisius roe caviar,
cauliflower and saffron
Fillet of turbot cooked in bergamot broth served with cardoncelli mushrooms, violet potatoes and savoy cabbage
Tonka beans Mousse, pure chocolate, red fruits, coconut, 23 carats gold

For at least two people
euro 62,00
per person
Meat menu

Suckling pig belly cooked a low temperature with sour vegetables, artichokes and wild herbs
Big raviolo filled with ricotta, mushrooms and egg yolk served with
 duck  ragout, foie gras and sheep Fossa cheese
Sliced “Scottona Romagnola” beef steak with crunchy spinach,
candied garlic and Cervia salt flavoured with herbs
Creative Bustrengo…
dried fruit, almonds, rice cream, plums…

For at least two people
euro 50,00
per person

“Winter surprise“
Celeriac foamwith mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, cardoons, pumkin...
Typical Cappelletti filled with black cabbage and tofu in Spello beans stock and small vegetables
Tofu, tempeh, soy beans, paneer cheese with fermented vegetables and barbecue sauce
Pumpkin Hokkaido Bavarian, oat cracker, candied ginger,
dried fruit ice cream and local coffee beer

For at least two people
euro 44,00
per person

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